Member Spotlight: Del Esparza

Del Esparza
President, Esparza Advertising
AMA member since 2001

Founded in 2000, Esparza Advertising is based in Albuquerque and has a Houston office. A native of Albuquerque, Del acquired his marketing expertise in a range of fields, from high tech to healthcare. He began his career IBM, and later advanced to a marketing position with DuPont and Conoco Oil Corporation in Houston, Texas. Del also worked for many regional and national health care providers before starting Esparza Advertising.

Why did you join the AMA?
We have always been impressed with the American Marketing Association and their commitment to keeping members up to date on industry trends. As a full-service communications firm, we understand the importance of continuing education and have been able to attend a number of conferences through AMA to help us in that effort.

Why are you a member as opposed to just attending events as a non-member?
As one of the only trade organizations for marketing professionals, we feel it is important to support AMA as a member, rather than just attending events. The health of our AMA chapter is important, as they are a vital resource to our company.

What have you gotten out of membership?
Networking with other marketing professionals and continuing educational opportunities.

Why would you encourage others to be a member of this group?
As a trade organization for those in our field, AMA has consistently stood out in providing necessary resources to be successful in our profession and to thrive.

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