Member Spotlight: DJ Heckes

DJ Heckes
Founder, CEO of EX-HIBIT! Tradeshow Marketing Experts

DJ Heckes, owner and CEO of EXHIB-IT! Trade Show Marketing Experts and published author of Full BRAIN Marketing, is truly passionate about two things: her clients and marketing. She founded and organized EXHIB-IT! for the express purpose of providing quality products with exhibit marketing and design services to federal agencies and commercial enterprises. DJ is also active in the New Mexico and Texas chambers of commerce.

Why did you join the AMA?
To learn from the marketing experts all the tools and resources and education both nationally and locally.

Why are you a member as opposed to just attending events as a non-member?
I love the AMA!

What have you gotten out of membership?
A lot of value. When I first joined, I was a business owner looking for bigger picture marketing ideas and I joined the local chapter. Once I became a member, the NMAMA did the right thing and brought me in as a volunteer within my first month of joining into programming for two years, then president-elect and on to president in the 2004-2005 year. We had a great team of volunteers and great momentum from past presidents and our board won the national AMA Marketer of the Year during my president year! I was blessed to be able to mentor 20 chapter presidents a year on how to grow their boards and run their local chapters like a business. What I got out of the NMAMA and AMA was a lot of great, long-term friends, the focus and drive to publish two books to date, and a lot of knowledge that helped my own business grow from all the valuable resources that I utilized on the AMA national site. The NMAMA and AMA are what got me to where I am today – national speaker and a stronger leader in marketing.

Why would you encourage others to be a member of this group?
The NMAMA is a strong marketing group that has many members who truly care about learning, marketing and networking and are passionate about the ongoing marketing changes and what better way to “be in the know” than to join an organization like NMAMA that can empower you with so much knowledge and resources!

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