Member Spotlight: Steven Douglas


Steven Douglas
VP Sales and Marketing
Demand Printing Solutions

Why did you join the NMAMA?

I joined NMAMA more than 16 years ago. I wanted a way to help build the Demand Printing Solutions brand and meet marketers in the ABQ area. Attending NMAMA is a great way to do that.

Why are you a member, as opposed to only attending events as a non-member?

My membership has been extremely valuable in building and cultivating relationships. Trust is built over time so consistent attendance has been critical for that. It makes sense to be a member from a financial standpoint, and it gives added credibility to you and your business.

What have you gotten out of membership?

I’ve been able to get what I hoped, which is valued relationships with powerful marketers in the ABQ area.

Why would you encourage others to be a member of this group?

This is a great group if you want to build your brand, both your individual brand and your business.

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