Member Spotlight: Joanie Griffin

Joanie Griffin
President, Griffin & Associates
AMA member since 1992

Griffin started her full-service advertising agency in 1990 “by accident,” after her then-employer’s biggest client departed. When her marketing job ended, she sent out 250 postcards seeking marketing consulting work. Three businesses responded. Today her full-service advertising agency works with clients such as the town of Taos, Mesa del Sol, Santa Fe Public Schools and the New Mexico Health Insurance Alliance.

Why did you join the AMA?
Education and networking. Professional development is key to staying on top of the trends, especially as the marketing field is evolving at the speed of light. The NMAMA provides great programming and an opportunity to network and develop relationships with others in the industry. It has been a valuable asset for me as I’ve grown my business in the last two decades.

Why are you a member as opposed to just attending events as a non-member?
It’s important to support our professional organizations so they can continue to thrive and present quality programming.

What have you gotten out of membership?
Lots of professional development and contacts over the years. The other benefit is the Marketer of the Year awards, which is an opportunity to be recognized by our peers for the great work we are doing. It has provided an outsiders view on the work, which has been a huge benefit to the company as well.

Why would you encourage others to be a member of this group?
It’s the only organization in the state devoted to the marketing profession.

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