July 2021

Holistic Digital: A New Approach to Driving Results

Holistic digital is a data-driven, “growth marketing” approach that drives leads and revenues by increasing the productivity of your digital marketing. When SEO, UX and CRO are considered as one and implemented properly, it leads to optimized website/digital marketing that produces incremental results. Keyword strategy and relevance can significantly impact conversions while page layout and content strategy impact SEO, PPC, and other traffic. Optimizing conversion rates depends on a clear understanding of the user journey, neuromarketing, and persuasive design psychology. It can be complicated, but when broken down it can be understood by all.

Learning objectives:
● Understand the key elements of a holistic digital marketing approach
● Learn how to bring these elements together to drive business results
● See how one specific company changed their digital game with a holistic approach

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Thursday, July 15th

About Cory Docken,
VP of Digital Strategy, 08 Agency

Cory Docken is the VP of Digital Strategy at O8, an agency in Minneapolis helping clients on a national level take a holistic approach to their digital marketing initiatives. He has over 20 years of design, marketing and technology expertise, working with both small and large clients across retail, higher ed, healthcare and B2B. In his career he has helped world-class brands tackle their most complex marketing technology projects with his knowledge of strategy, design and development. Outside of O8, he is the 2022 President-elect of MHSCN (Minnesota Health Strategy and Communications Network) as well Associate Vice President of Programming with AMA Minnesota (American Marketing Association).

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